Did you ever come up with a dilemma, ‘What I am supposed to wear, to look my best in this situation’?  This enigma pop-ups in mind of almost every third person when they are preparing themselves for a special situation or an occasion. 



Hello Gentlemen, being a gentleman, our top choice always remains for the armor we wear and the attire that signifies our strength. The top priority for all the man in the clothing perspective always ends up by discovering a suit that defines the men’s personality.


Are you finding a perfect suit for your special event? Let’s help you out. Here we provide you the perfect type, with the latest designs of men suits. There are many types of forthcoming suits including business suits, tuxedo dinner suits, wedding suits, lounge suits, etc.

 SUITING  acc. to skin tone

Hello Gentleman, Most of the gentlemen’s favorite attire is a suit because it not only provides the feel of comfort but also iterates the style statement of a man. The thing is most of the gentlemen get carried by buying ready-made lousy suits that make them feel uncomfortable later.


Hey, we the KD MASTER Bespoke Tailor provide a wide range of shirting as well as suiting solutions. Many people behold with various questions regarding their attire, what to wear, for what sort of occasion.


Buying trousers can be one of the most stressful shopping experiences. Although the design might look perfect on the hanger, sometimes it just isn’t right on. Maybe the length is too long or too short or perhaps the fabric isn’t comfortable or maybe the colours are just not your thing. 

Best shirts for summer

When the summer rises being a gentleman this is our priority to be prepared for it. In this article, you’re going to learn about summer clothing and how to look impressive while wearing a shirt in this hot temperature.

Best fabric to wear

The summers are rising and, we all need to get ready for it.In this article, we are going to talk about the best fabrics to wear in hot and spring weather. So here are the best fabrics you can wear in these summers


First impressions are made within a seconds, it is powerful and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We all often observe a person before we speak hence perfect dressing is very important. A wardrobe has the power to transform an individual’s appearance and state of mind. It needs to have every essential that a man needs. Hence, a wardrobe must be a paradise, “A paradise of clothing.”


The basic difference between a tuxedo and a professional suit is that tuxedos have silk details—silk-faced lapels, buttons made of silk fabric and a silk side-stripe down the pant leg—suits do not. Modern tuxedos often limit the use of silk to a thin trim on the lapels and a skinny stripe down the pant leg, but this is still considered a tuxedo. 

Double Breasted Suits: best reasons to wear.

The double-breasted suit are the choice that are better than ever. Guys who pays attention to style when it comes to their wardrobe. Many have noticed that the men’s double breasted suit has made it’s place in every men’s wardrobe. It’s been a long known that many styles come, and go.

Three Things that turn you perfect.

Life is full of rules and terms. Some, however, are there to help. The rest are also important, but we tend to take them lightly or even try to ignore them cuz they are hard to be cooped up. Everyone has their own opinion about what’s perfect for them and what’s not.

5 Suits to try for Summer wedding..

All-rounder suit for the people who will attend the wedding in the coming summers. For by far most weddings, a thin fitting two-piece suit will fulfill the necessities of the clothing regulation, and it can likewise be worn a few times over if you switch up your shirt and adornments.

11 Key Rules For Wearing A Tuxedo

How to wear a tuxedo?  Isn’t it a very simple question?  The look while wearing it might look quite simple it’s like some white hear Or some black there. But to perfectly rock the look there are some numerous rules that could be carried out while wearing tuxedos.

Shirt Styles For Men

Have You ever got invited to a party on weekend? That’s all about Outdoors, casual dress code Nothing professional Just food, drinks, and fun…What should you wear? Definitely not a suit! This is the time to pick up your casual SHIRT… and rock the floor! Here’s a blog to help you out in choosing the shirt  of your style.

Men's Three Piece Suit

Are three-piece your good-to-go options? Are you aware of the benefits of wearing a three-piece suit? Do you know the precise definition of a three-piece suit and the best color combinations for them? We will cover these topics for you and will make you a pro in the game of ‘Knowing Everything About a 3 Piece Suit’.

How to dress up for a Business Meeting

It’s crucial for you to style and make your presence just like the professional you’re or aspire to be. Here are few recommendations on choosing the simplest business meeting attire.

Waist Coat A Never Fading Attire

The waistcoat is a sartorial savior. Its flawless structure and clean lines enhance the masculine frame. It can be worn for a variety of occasions – both social and corporate.