Which Style Suits When ?

which style suits when?

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Did you ever come up with a dilemma, ‘What I am Supposed to wear, to look my best on this occasion’?

This enigma pop-ups in mind of almost every third person when they are preparing themselves for a special situation or an occasion. Self-presentation here is one of the major factors that decide your first impression. Turns out that dressing sense is the first step to establish your first impression.

Fashion, a word that has bought, and is still bringing revolutions in the field of dressing and style. It would not be wrong to state that it is the result of fashion that various spots and occasions got their dress codes.

Typically, there is no hard and fast rule in dressing choices but still, we know ‘rules are rules.’ Now let’s know about a few attires and when is their perfect timing.

  • Tuxedo: I like to quote it as ‘Suit With Rules’ because of the rules which you need to know before having a tuxedo. These rules are strict enough if followed. Tuxedo is a formal attire that should be worn in evening events and occasions. To specify the time, it is said to be worn after 6 pm, so it is also called ‘Dinner Jacket’ by Italians. Tuxedos are meant for men who have entered adulthood or are already adults. Bow tie with the suit in this attire is also a must. This ‘Occasion Wear’ attire automatically assures refinement and elegance.
  • Men’s 3-piece suit: A men’s three-piece suit includes pants, a jacket, and a waistcoat. There is an option that the waistcoat can have a similar color combination as the upper coat or it can have a shade that is a contrast of the jacket. Remember, the button of the jacket should be open while sitting. It is best to wear a 3-piece suit to a wedding (Groomsmen suit), important work-related occasions, such as bestowing an important presentation, accepting an award or exceptional recognition, etc. Never wear this attire in a job interview. Three-piece suit gives the gentleman a classic & versatile look.
  • Plain Suit: When it is needed to represent oneself simple but formally, here plain suits come in the role. These suits can be slim fit to display a better body shape or even can be of loose type. Overall, the plain suits are comfortable as compared to all other formal attires. The best place where these plain suits are recommended is job interviews, where you need to show your formal simplicity level, also for this occasion the plain suit color is advised to be of light blue or any other light shade. Wearing a tie will be a great add-on to this attire but it is optional.

For the finest fitting attire always go for a tailored custom-made suit stitched by the professional bespoke tailor. To get the finest results always trust your tailor for your suits and other attires.

Owning every type of formal or even a casual attire is never a big deal, but choosing a perfect attire from your collection to make your dressing and personality bloom will increase the worth of your wardrobe. So, now always ask yourself some questions while getting a new dress from your collection,

  • Which color suits me?
  • Which type will suit me?
  • What is the reason I am getting ready?
  • How to complete my look?

and finally, ask…

  • Am I looking perfect?

Well, work on these questions and yes you will end up perfectly ready. Now have a great day ahead and ALL THE BEST!