Wardrobe for stylish sewn garments

Wardrobe are one roof stop, where all your dresses stay. Considering suiting as an art, every man should develop and design his own wardrobe.
Stacking up the random clothes and filing your cupboard is easy, but waste of time and money. Instead arrange your closet with less but stylish and classy garments.
Why you don’t you try stitched clothes ?
Though tailor-made dresses are costly, but are of worth too. Even after year, you will never regret investing your money and time on stitched dress.
Your wardrobe should comprise of both casual and formal or ready made and stitched outfits. But if you are adding some suiting and shirting, always get them stitched. Stitched are always Stylish.
A piece of advice for a stylish sewn wardrobe.

Made to Measure suits

Pick a competent Tailor

You surely don’t want to wear miss-fitted clothes, so seek for a experienced tailor. Before picking your tailor, do some research! A good tailor is one who is dedicated towards his work and has patience.
You should check the working background and number of referrals that the tailor get from his daily customer. If he has a good number, get a trail shirt stitched first. If the stitch is perfect, he/ she is your tailor.

Made to Measure Shirts


Color are most important factor of your clothes. Your choice of color can define what personality do you have. You should dress according to your skin tone. But there are some exceptional color that suits on everyone and at every occasion.
Must have colors
1. White shirt
2. Black shirt
3. Navy Blue jacket
4. Black Trousers
5. Grey Trousers, etc.
These are few stereotyped colors, but yet look authentic and classy when wore properly. Today, there are many more colors that are in trend, like light Pink, Beige, Celeste blue, Grey, etc.

Made to Measure Shirts

Hunt for quality fabric

Selecting a good fabric is base of building an exceptional wardrobe. So sit down with your tailor and select the perfect fabric that will suit you and your personality.
Don’t fill your closet with single type of fabric, have a pretty collection of different fabrics.

Types of fabric

There are wide variety of fabrics available in the market. Select your fabric according to events.
Remember, “ You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy fabric, and that is pretty close.”

Business suits


Business suits


Business suits


Business suits

Twill Fabric

Business suits

Solicitor Plain Suiting Fabric

Elements of a stylish wardrobe

Here we have listed the essentials stitched clothes that a wardrobe must have.

Made to Measure Shirts


Shirts are the most essential clothing wear of men. No matter of what age you are or what size or color shirt are for everyone.
Make sure you have a good quantity of shirts and for quality you get them stitched. Stitched clothes have ample of space because they are made according to your measurement and hence fits perfectly well.
Must have stitched shirts
1. Oxford – cloth button down shirt
2. Dress shirt
3. Flannel shirt
4. Linen shirt
5. Formal shirt

Casual pants for Men


You can’t wear a jeans on every event, sometimes you need a stitched bottom to make your outfit look elegant and classy.
No matter if you have only 2 or 3 trousers, if they are stitched, than they are enough. Only a tailor-made trousers hooks to the hip and run to your ankle straight in a shape.
Must have stitched trousers
1. High-waisted Trousers for classic, semi-formal
2. Slim-fit Trousers for skinny fit, office or semi-formal events
3. Chinos for casual and classy look.
4. Dress-Pants for office, smart casuals.
5. Plated Trousers for bold and formal look.

Bespoke Suits


There is a saying “When in doubt, throw on a blazer,” but you should have a worth blazer to show off. Blazers amplify your outfit. They are eye stealers and are like costume for grown-ups.
When blazer is stitched one, it gives perfect shape and curves to the overall outfit. No dropping shoulders, no rectangular structured coat, just a stitched blazer.
Must have colors
1. Navy Blue
2. Beige
3. Grey

Suits men


A men’s wardrobe should have at least one suit. During last minute plans, you may not have time to hunt and pick for a pair of perfect of shirt and trousers. There should always exist a Plan B, Bespoke suit is that Plan B.
Your closet should have a formal suit. A stitched suit gives your physique all the details and you look personable.
Pick the color and fabric carefully. Choose the color that matches your skin tones. But a Navy Blue suit goes well for every event or occasion.

Suits men


This semi formal wear are only for special occasions. You never know, if someone asks you on a date or invite your for a wedding or a cocktail party, for such events a suit is not an option.
Tux are made for such events. Since these events are rare you should probably get a tailor-made Tuxedo. It requires detailing and that only a tailor could provide with. When dresses are made according to measurement they fit well.

Now you will have the best wardrobe. But always keep you fashion and wardrobe updated. It is always better to change and keep things fresh.

“My best price of style advice is to keep your wardrobe small and love everything in it.” – Maye Musk

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