Custom Waistcoat a never Fading Attire

The waistcoat is a sartorial savior. Its flawless structure and clean lines enhance the masculine frame. It can be worn for a variety of occasions – both social and corporate. Whether it’s tucked under a suit jacket as part of a three-piece suit, or solo with jeans and a button-up shirt, here’s how to do it right.


The waistcoat – in winter it sums up a dapper element to your day’s work suit and acts as a lighter option to a blazer during summer. Overcoming stale style intentions or finding ways to work the waistcoat into a modern wardrobe is even simple.

Tips on how to pull off a waistcoat

Fitting: One of the foremost things to consider while wearing a vest is to make sure it fits well. You do not want to wear an un-fit waistcoat.

Always button up: Don’t ever leave the buttons of a waistcoat open. They are there for a reason

Shirt tucked in: Make sure the shirt underneath the waistcoat should be correctly tucked in. Nothing should appear below the waistcoat.

The fabric of the waistcoat: The finish of the fabric matters on different occasions, cotton, and tweed, are the most common fabrics used in the stitching of a jacket

Cotton Waistcoats: Cotton waistcoats are normally worn at formal events. They are typically paired with a suit.

Tweed Waistcoats: Tweed waistcoats are worn more informally. They can be matched with jeans along with a half sleeve shirt on casual occasions.

Single Breasted Waistcoat: These waistcoats have a single series of buttons in the front. They are more modern compared to the double-breasted vests. They give a sleeker figure and do not come with labels on them.

Double-breasted waistcoats: Drop double-breasted waistcoats for events with a strict dress code. These are more traditional compared to the modern single-breasted ones.

Colors of the waistcoats: For formal occasions go with black, navy blue, or shades of gray such as charcoal grey, or Davy gray.


Texture wins when getting a waistcoat. And the most excellent textural fabrics are the naturally-derived ones such as wool, tweed, brushed cotton, corduroy, and linen. Natural fibers breathe better and insulate properly and don’t retain odors as polyester or synthetics do.

A bit of poly fiber is excellent as a blend with natural yarn, as it provides some sturdiness and creases less than pure natural forms. Here at KD Master, You can choose from over 9000+ fabric textures for your waistcoat.


It’s thought to make your look put together, so always wear it in the right way.

Always button it as that’s how this piece looks best and was designed to be worn. However, leave the lowest button undone (like a suit jacket), so it doesn’t drag when you elevate your arms. It’s nearly a fashion to leave the bottom button undone. It’s a practice from the old days when one of the English kings was too obese so he needed to unbutton the last button to ride his horse. The look held and here we are today.

If you’re concerned about finding a quality waistcoat, opt for one when getting a suit. Consider it as an addition to a suit, where tailoring and getting the right fit is key to looking great. That’s way, it will come tailored and ideally fitted to you.