Types of formal suiting

Affordable custom suits

Are you finding a perfect suit for your special event? Let’s help you out. 

Here we will talk about the perfect types, with the latest designs of men suits. There are many types of forthcoming formal suiting attires including business suits, tuxedo dinner suits, wedding suits, lounge suits, etc.

These attires are usually custom-made by the bespoke tailor, which means the suits made specifically for someone according to their needs and style.

Business suits for men consist of two pieces – pants and jackets. The third optional piece it can add is a vest that should go with the jacket perfectly. Business suits should be of dark color like black or navy with a shirt of a pastel shade. These suits are the most pertinent suits found in a man’s wardrobe. Wearing a business suits in a meeting shows your passion and dedication towards your work. These kinds of suits give an amiable impression in the business meetings.

Tuxedos/Dinner suits have satin work. Tin-faced lapels, satin buttons, and a satin side-stripe down the pant leg. The traditional version of the tuxedo dinner jacket is black. It is single-breasted with one closing button, peaked lapels with silk facings. It has no rear vents. Made of silk and satin tuxedos have a great texture and feel smooth. They are comfortable and are preferred to be worn after 6 pm. They are mostly suitable for formal dinners. Tuxedos are supposed to be worn only in the evening while suits can be worn at any time of the day.

To make your wedding day perfect, it is highly recommended to wear a suit which defines your personality best at this auspicious occasion. Wedding suits for the groom are best at the shade of midnight blue, black, or charcoal grey. There are two types of styles of wedding suits for men- Classic and Contemporary. Classics are in darker color while the contemporary are in lighter shades. Compromise with perfection on a wedding day is really not a good option because you are the center of attraction for this day.

Another trend in the fashion industry is the custom-made tailoring. Custom suits are good to have something which matches your needs and style. From the best fabric to the best-fit custom suits provide you everything that makes you look charming. They are made from the fabric that you are comfortable with. They provide a good finish to your look. Custom suits are reliable and fit in your budget. Uniform stitching, a felt-lined collar, structural layer, and compact shoulders are the key features of custom-made suits.

When you reach out to a bespoke tailor for a custom suit, you get a better knowledge of what you want. As it is said that the beauty of an attire lies in its comfort. So, the first thing is one should always go for the perfect fabric, it should be soothing, provides you comfort and design at the best price. Suits are of various kinds but the perfect suit is the one which fits you the best.


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