Three Things That Turn You Perfect!

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Life is full of rules and terms. Some, however, are there to help. The rest are also important, but we tend to take them lightly or even try to ignore them cuz they are hard to be cooped up. Everyone has their own opinion about what’s perfect for them and what’s not.

When it comes to advise, many are there to lend it. The reason behind the birth of advice is mostly a personal experience in that scenario. We at KD Master have worked in the styling segment for generations. We understand the value and power of perfect attire.

Dressing and Styling is a segment where people love to take and give advice. Above all, Who does not wanna look dashing and perfect?

Giving our input to the pile or suggestions and advice; here are some good ones for men who aim to maintain a well-suited profile look.

A man can only be perfect if he is disciplined enough to give respect and value to the attires and accessories he possesses.

There are many other rules out there other than what are mentioned here. Some of these you might have previously discovered for yourself. After all, it is part of the comfort of clothing, which no rule should hinder: trying a new style out, seeing if it gratifies you, understanding how it makes you feel. These rules have stood the analysis of time and, when used in combination, act as a failsafe director on how to get ready well today.

Suit Up Well

Bespoke tailor in HobartThe suit has progressed through a lot from the last century. Once the go-to attire for men worldwide, from office people, diplomats, and mafioso to those just traveling down on Friday night to the social club, its slump in reputation is never an option.

The key to a perfect suit is a good fit. If you’re purchasing off-the-peg, concentrate on the fitting across the shoulders cuz getting the waist and chest adjusted is a comparatively easy job. Classics are the best and the most useful – dark, two-button, double-breasted, disciplined in details. It is not boring. A suit is a formal attire or uniform. The concept is to think of this suit as art to build different ideas of individuality around it. It is the way you wear it, not the tag inside, that fascinates.

Go for a Perfect Watch

suit watchChoose a watch that you fall in love with not because of its worth but of its power to make you look complete and perfect. Aesthetic, functional, rugged sports designs go with anything and can even take the hard thumps of everyday wear. Above all the watch should fit you and should feel comfortable. It should be right in terms of size and depth relative to your wrist.

Invest in shoes

Bespoke tailor in HobartEvery attire is incomplete until you have the perfect cover for your feet i.e. shoes. It is a wise step to invest in the shoes as they carry your weight and style all along. Never invest in the quality that even has the slightest chance to deceive you on important occasions. Quality shoes — the gold standard being re-soleable Goodyear welted examples — are the kind of investment that might serve 10+ years. Opt for classical styles such as loafers, brogues, etc.

It’s said that when someone starts judging you by your looks, they start from the shoes, so be wise to invest and choose the best cuz the first impression can be the last.