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Best Shirts For Summer

When the summer rises being a gentleman this is our priority to be prepared for it.
In this article, you’re going to learn about summer clothing and how to look impressive while wearing a shirt in this hot temperature.
In the previous article, we have talked about what are the types of suits we should wear in spring/summer to look elegant.
In this article, we’re going to tell you the best colours that will suit in the summer and make you feel confident and cool.
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One rule of the summer season is to avoid dark. Well, no doubt dark looks perfect on us but in summers wearing dark colours means inviting sweat and making us smell terrible. Shirt style for men matters in all formats be it the style or color.

So, here’s the list of colours you should give a try if you’re going to purchase a shirt for the summers:

1- Plain White shirt:
When it’s come to neutral colours white arrives on the top priority. White is the best colour that keeps you cool and confident. White is the versatile and classic colour of all seasons but especially made for summers.


2- Solid Pastel colours:

Being gentleman, we always avoid wearing the colours of the rainbow as it doesn’t accommodate us 24*7 but in the case of pastel colours not only they look genuine with most skin tones and complexions. It also helps in warming up the design of an outfit and helps you stand out of the crowd.


3- Linen white or light blue shirt:
Linen fabric is great for summer season because they are remarkably thin and lightweight.
The issue with linen clothing in general, however, is that it wrinkles very easily. So just take care of it.
Linen shirts are best if you’re going to wear a suit in the summer.


4- Thin Patterned Shirt:
Going to attend a professional meeting or a summer wedding?
If yes, then a thin patterned shirt will be the best choice for you.
Light stripes or plaids are perfect summer shirt styles for cultural or business events. Adhere to paler or light colours to look basic or seasonal. Leave the tie and put the top button open.


 These are the four types of shirt colours you should consider if you’re going to buy a shirt for spring/summers.

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