various shirting solutions

Hey, we the KD MASTER Bespoke Tailor provide a wide range of shirting as well as suiting solutions. Many people behold with various questions regarding their attire, what to wear, for what sort of occasion, and how to put with them on so that it looks stylish as well as to make personality looks classy. Sometimes it becomes a dilemma that what to do with dressing codes because men have the only sort of few choices in our clothes and that too becomes complicated when it comes to getting dressed up for an outing, formal meeting, and other occasions which matter them a lot. KD MASTER provides you a wide variety of shirting solutions. It is better and important to know which style suits at what time and suiting according to your precise skin tone.



It is a fact that the styling in a men’s distinct formal attires is incomplete without a shirt. A shirt is the most eminent element in a way of suiting a man. Here we provide both the formal and informal variety of shirts. Which acquire various designs, abstract prints, formal prints, and many more.


With a varied range, we the KD Masters here extends up with numerous styles as:

1.      Formal shirts

2.     Casual shirts 

3.     Band collar shirts

4.    Cuban collar shirts

5.     Stylish men’s shirt

6.    Spread collar shirts 

7.     Tab collar shirts

8.    Dress shirt

9.    Muscle shirt for guys and many more.



Fabric plays a crucial part in the production of the clothes, as the quality of the shirt material lies in the quality of the strands of the fabric used to make that piece material. We assure you to provide you the best quality fabric. Which makes the enduring life of that material to last longer and also gives you the best quality comfort.

Quality and types of fabrics we provide for various shirting cloths:

1.      Twill

2.     Poplin

3.     Cotton fabric 

4.    Linen

5.     Oxford fabric/ Pinpoint fabric shirts 

6.    Flannel

7.     Gabardine Cotton and many more.



We with various shirts and attire, we also provide you to give you the best and helpful ways to style up with your shirt in many different amazing styles. That makes you look like an ace in style and enhance your personality with embrace and decency. What a gentleman looks forward to, is the best quality attire as suiting and styling tips and tricks, as to how to make yourself up to the mark for major affairs and events as well. We the KD MASTER provides you the various best possible solutions to make out the perfect way for you to style-up and the look you put on becomes the most expensive and eminence one.

There are many best possible ways that one can put on an expensive look, below are some shirting styles:

1.      Loose Tie on Shirt

2.     Tie shirts 

3.     French tuck

4.    Half sleeve shirts

5.     Buttoned Full sleeve

6.    Folded sleeves

7.     Tuck in with a Tie

And many more ways to make your look eminent and decent.

We the KD MASTER( BESPOKE TAILOR ) with years of assurance and trust to provide you the one’s best possible solutions from best fabric to providing you the suiting and comfort in form of attire, and also the clear cut ways to make your look decent and elegant like a gentleman in the eyes of the beholder.