Shirt Styles For Men

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Have You ever got invited to a party on weekend? That’s all about Outdoors, casual dress code Nothing professional Just food, drinks, and fun…What should you wear? Definitely not a suit! This is the time to pick up your casual SHIRT… and rock the floor! Yet many gentlemen don’t know what all the shirts that flatter them. Those who understand them – stand out from the crowd with their uniqueness. So here are the 7 shirt styles you should know about and obviously have them in your wardrobe.


This is the shirt many take for granted. Undershirts are the best option for function as it fits tight on the body. Fitting tightly on the body. Style-wise, these are Stretchable, lightweight, and easy to make a match with any clothing.


T-shirt’s are the best options when you are not in the mood for collars Or buttons. These are made of fabric heavier than an undershirt. It fits well and is a bit lose. T-shirts are meant to be outerwear. They’re not supposed to be layered. There are tons of functional events especially in the dry season when t-shirts pop out everywhere. Whenever you attend one of these, remember to choose a shirt with COLOR that suits you and that’s it you are good to go.


Custom shirts

Polo shirts have their style beyond The sports region. People love its middle-ground quality that is possessed by polo shirts. It has a soft collar followed by buttons. These are shirts are breathable hence providing The comforts one needs. They’re designed with their uniqueness of short puffed sleeves that stay firmly on each arm. All in all, the polo shirt is quite a versatile choice for any casual event.


Custom shirtsIf you want a little change in your taste of style but still want to wear a close relative of the t-shirt, then it’s time to head to choose a Henley. 

These are the Collar-less versions of the polo shirts, these can be both short and long-sleeved. The best thing to wear it is because of its look and comfort.


Custom shirtsCasual button-down shirts are NOT like dress shirts. These have a lot of flexibility and stretch that makes it a good option for a long event day. The fact that they’re “casual” means there’s a lot more flexibility that comes with wearing them. 

There are best reasons why this style should cover the majority of your optional shirt wardrobe. These are a bit lose and can be paired up as per your choice.



Custom shirtsOf course, this must-have style list isn’t complete without the old dress shirt. There is a rule when you wear a dress shirt that it is to be ironed and structured well for the style to speak its volume. These shirts look best in white either pastels too. The fitting is as important as how you present it. As Fit is the king. The perfect dress shirt provides total comfort and freedom of movement – while your body looks fantastic.


A shirt jacket is one of the best most options as it offers lightweight protection from wind and air. The style looks best when it’s chilled outside. It’s is one of the best winter wardrobe collections that every man must-have. Shirt jackets are the most rugged-looking style. And it’s just to look rugged on a good day.

These were some of the best shirt styles for men that must be in your wardrobe if you want to slay out your style. Get yourself picked the best from your wardrobe and rock your style. 

Custom shirts