Perfect Men Suit - Guide To Look On While Searching One.

Suits are a staple for men in today’s society. With the perfect suit, you can look sharper and quickly create a great first impression. A well-fitted suit also provides comfort for your day-to-day activities or events that require you to dress up. However, buying a perfect suit can be hectic. It involves many decisions and screwing up just one can cost you an arm and a leg.

Whether you are a professional working in an office or you’re attending a wedding, it’s important to know how to dress appropriately. Here are some essentials for finding a perfect men’s suit that fit your needs.


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Suits are a great investment. If maintained properly they can last you for years. So, it’s important to understand your budget, as this will have a drastic effect on your choices. Work out how much you’d like to spend and then look for brands that fall into your budget criteria. Don’t get caught up on names; instead, understand what kind of suit you want and then research accordingly.


Now there are a few options when it comes to finding a perfect suit. You will hear words such as ‘off the rack’, ‘custom’, and ‘bespoke’.

‘Off the rack’ means ready-to-wear. That suit’s just hanging at a store waiting for you to claim it. Most people opt for this and it works fine – and you’ll find some of the best deals here.

‘Custom’ means it’s made to fit your measurements out of different pre-cut pieces. This is a great option if you’re hard to fit in those ‘off the rack’ suits!

‘Bespoke’ means it’s made from scratch to your exact measurements. A bespoke garment is a piece that has been crafted exclusively for you by a skilled tailor, with unique patterns. It requires a series of fittings and the artistic details are subject to your preferences.


FIT is both the king and the queen when it comes to suiting. As cliché it may sound, the magic of the suit lies in how perfectly a piece fits your body. No matter how expensive your suit is, if it doesn’t fit you properly, there is no point in it.

Whether you go with an off the rack, custom or bespoke suit, always remember to find a suit that fits your body like a glove. (It should fit you in the way that highlights your physical features in the best possible way)

All the areas- chest size, shoulders, jacket length and sleeves, trouser break, needs to be of the perfect fit and size. BESPOKE suits come in handy to create a suit that fits you like anything. Even if you go for a ready-made suit, make sure to ask the designer to make adjustments as per your measurements.


Look for a garment that will last you for extended seasons. Do not follow the fashion trends blindly. The Fashion industry evolves at a fast pace- new trends arriving and leaving the business every month. So, it is impractical to make such heavy investments in suits now and then.

Create/buy a suit that goes with your personality. Choose pieces that describe your vibe and speaks about you.

A Bespoke suit is a great way to create a garment that aligns with your personality and is unique to you. Check the utility before investing- check whether it is solving the purpose or not!

All the specifications such as suit buttons, lapels, jacket pockets, jacket vent need to be customized according to your preferences.


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There are a lot of fabrics available in the market. You need to pick the right one, considering the weather conditions and the purpose of your suit.

The most versatile fabric is lightweight worsted wool, which can be worn all year. For winters, a thick fabric such as insulating wools, flannels or even tweed would be perfect. For summer, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen or silk blends are good options that will keep you cool under the sun.

Lastly, all that matters is the confidence with which you carry yourself. Also, do not forget to wear a smile!