Have you ever thought about how your wardrobe could be better? You are not alone. All of us have had that moment—especially when trying to get dressed. What about this outfit? What about these shoes? It’s a busy world out there, and we all have our style that we like to stick to. When it comes down to choosing the right clothes and accessories, it can be difficult. You may find a piece that looks great, but if they aren’t suited for an occasion, they will end up sitting in your closet.
Making the most of your wardrobe is as easy as ABC. Well, maybe not that easy, but it’s close. If you ever wondered why fashion bloggers look so stylish and how you can have a chic wardrobe without going broke, then you will love this blog.
Here we present you a guide on how to make your wardrobe work harder without spending a lot!

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Organization and planning are the keys to making sure you get the most of your wardrobe. Whether you are a working professional or stay at home dad, it is easy to find yourself overspending on clothing each season. But, don’t worry. You can save yourself money by learning how to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Some tricks for keeping things fresh and making the most of your wardrobe  –

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Before blindly following the new trends, and buying something new just because it is fashion, ask yourself if it goes well with your style and skin color and if it would be a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Take inventory of what you have and see what you can add to your mix, based upon your budget.
Be wise about where you spend your money. Use fashion magazines as a source of inspiration (to level up your styling game) instead of spending manuals.

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Declutter- It’s important!

For all those shopaholics out there, decluttering is something to swear by. If you have a hard time deciding, what to wear each morning and end up getting late for your meetings, decluttering is what you need. It may be a chaotic experience for many but the rewards do outweigh the effort.
It helps you to organize all your stuffs at places that are visible to you and get rid of the unwanted ones. In this manner, you will find pieces to wear within your closet and make the most of them instead of spending unnecessarily on new ones.

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Lay foundation with the basics

Having a few versatile basics is the true foundation for a great wardrobe. Start by investing in basic pieces and then further built on them. You can style the basic pieces in a lot of ways to create different outfits. It helps you to be fashionable without being broke. 

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Know your measurements

Get your ill-fitted garments tailored from your tailor. It will enhance your look and will give your clothes a new turn.
Also, get rid of the clothes that are too tight or too loose for you.

Mix and match

If you have a great piece that you love but do not end up wearing it often, then try to pair it up with something you already own. Is it an evening suit(That cost you an arm and a leg)? Try styling it for both formal and casual occasions. For a boardroom meeting, you can pair it with formal shirts and trousers and for a fancy dinner, you can ditch the formal shirt and slip a well fitted round neck t-shirt under your jacket. Trying those familiar pieces in new ways makes them feel fresh again and ensures optimal usage.

Lastly, stay on the lookout for inspiration and keep on experimenting with what you have! Sources such as Pinterest, Instagram, and magazine editorials are a great way to discover new ways to style items you already own.