Enhance Your Look With These Street Style Ideas

“Get ready to walk on the streets.”
How many of you are befuddled after reading this statement? Everyone, mostly. Right? Because no one gets dressed just walk on the streets.
However, a beautiful weather might motivate you to take a walk, or week offs might turn you into a pedestrian who wants to explore the city. For such nick of time plans, you will not wear “anything” that will make you look sloppy in public.
Streets are always filled with people. Sometimes a lot, few times scattered. A few of them might stick their eyes on you or they might roll them, it all depends on your dressing.
Here are few ideas that can add up to your street styles.

Cover to look cool and classy

1. Bomber jackets and ripped jeans

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Ripped jeans, being never-dying fashion elements have always been rocking street styles. Youth are always ready to pair up anything with a pair of ripped jeans. Bomber jackets are an easy replacement for thick jackets and blazers. Pair a dark color jacket and a white t-shirt and blue or black ripped jeans.


2. Long overcoats



Believe it or not, long overcoats had made the street style more classy and elegant. Plus the long coats are a decent option for snowy streets. Although you might pick from numerous colors, beige or brown just do a good job when paired with black jeans and a plain t-shirt.



3. T-shirt and Leather jackets

Made to measure shirts


Just like denim, even leather jackets never are thrown out of trend. It does such magic to your overall personality. Either you decide to be a man in all black or pair a black leather jacket with blue a man, a thing for sure, you can never miss the attention.

4. Shirts to layer up

Made to measure shirts


The uses of shirts have been updated for good. Today’s streets are incomplete without one man who doesn’t pair the t-shirt with an unbuttoned shirt. Shirts are coats now.


5. Blazers with jeans

Men’s shirt styles in Hobart


Blazer is synonymous with office wear or formal. But with the idea of “mix and match,” blazers are free from being just formal wear. A blazer can be tuned with a jeans and shirt or t-shirt.




Spice the street style with shirts

1. Shirts with jeans or trousers

Custom shirts


If your addled mind doesn’t help you to figure out what to wear, you can always a U-turn to shirts. A button-down shirt always looks chic. Pair it with standard color jeans, black or blue, and remember to not tuck in.


2. Short sleeves collared shirt

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A street waits for a man with a stunning physique. So if you got hot biceps, flaunt them with short sleeves. A short sleeves shirt can be paired with anything, jeans or trousers or knee shorts.



3. T-shirts

T-shirts are the second name for street fashion. May it be a collared t-shirt or a turtle neck, it emits a cool vibe for anyone who wears it. Streets are often filled with polo t-shirts. A white polo t-shirt can be paired with black rough jeans for perfect summer days. But now even trousers or chinos are also tuned with a t-shirt.

Few Funky Ultra Casuals

1. Floral printed and Statement shirts

These days, people speak less and their t-shirts speak more. Statement t-shirt with cool taglines or dialogue and illustrations have made their way nice to street style.
Floral prints shirts are what vibrant and vacation outfit sounds like. Gone are the days when only women wore flowers. Today’s men know how to be colorful and chill.
To overcome the boredom of formal shirts, printed shirts have taken over streets and runways. They are running the show.

2. Knee-length shorts

The knee-length shorts have been in trend since the 70s. We have always seen a fitness freak running in knee-length shorts. The shorts are adding to vacation outfits as well. You can pair shorts with a t-shirt while jogging or running and also put it with a floral printed shirt for a sunny day off.

3. Cropped trousers

Saggy trouser is not at all a street style option. But if you wish to wear a formal outfit anyways, cropped trousers can be a smart choice. A cropped trouser exposes the right portion of skin letting your socks peep out. A cropped trouser with the button-down shirt is the perfect blend of formal and casual.

4. Striped coats

This is for the one who doesn’t want to give up on formal dressing by any means. Men are a huge fan of animal prints too. So how a zebra strips can not be a favorite print. A striped suit can give you a break from regular single-color formals.
All of these ideas are good. They can be only amplified when you put into your style and confidence. No matter how you dress, manage to have a confident walk. Because on a street,
“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”
—Harry Winston